New Patients

If you are a new Patient or a current Patient, please sign in to our PatientPortal.

In our PatientPortal, you can:

  • Create or update your Patient Account
  • Make your Appointment 
  • Complete your required Patient Forms 
  • Request a Prescription or Refill 
  • Ask Questions
  • Pay or Review your Bill

Here are the 5 easy steps to get you started:

  1. Log in to our Patient Portal*
  2. Create your Personal Account**
  3. Complete your Patient Information Form**
  4. Complete your Health History Form**
  5. Complete your Medical Records Release Form***

CLICK HERE to log in to our Patient Portal**** and let us know what you think or if you have any questions.


*The Patient Portal seems to work best in the Internet Explorer browser. Please log into it in Internet Explorer in order to insure that all of your information is entered & processed correctLY.

**‚ÄčAll of these forms are in the Patient Portal. Please make sure all of the information you enter into the Patient Portal is correct. tHIS WILL insure THAT your records stay accurate and up-to-date.

***Please click on the #5 link and download this pdf form. Then bring in the completed form with you on your first appointment.

****When completing your patient portal information, please allow adequate time for our system to process your information. It may take up to 4 hours for our office system to receive your information from the patient portal. please make suRE You complete your information in advance, otherwise you may be required to complete the forms again in our waiting room.